Quality vs. Quantity of Leads

The misconception that receiving more leads is better than receiving quality leads is far too prevalent in the career school sector. The adage “Quality is better than quantity” rings true when it comes to the types of inquiries your school seeks.

GoToMeeting recently published a report titled “Delivering quality leads, not just quantity” in an effort to inform advertisers of the benefits of searching for leads with the highest likelihood to convert. The report, based on findings researched by MarketingProfs, indicated “that while marketers regard quantity as a priority, they are not focused nearly enough on lead quality. Using interactive media such as Webinars can help marketers effectively balance quality with quantity when it comes to lead generation.”

The report findings show a staggering 52% of advertisers do not measure quality in their lead definitions. More than half of all advertisers don’t consider lead quality!

Taking the time to define quality leads and determine the best methods to find them can save your sales team thousands of wasted hours in wading through unqualified leads. This includes the added benefit of knowing that everyone you’re advertising to is more likely to convert.

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Read the full GoToMeeting report here.