Gragg Gives Back: Habitat for Humanity ReStore

On Tuesday November 15th, employees at Gragg Advertising had the opportunity to volunteer at the Habitat for Humanity ReStore shop in South Kansas City. ReStore, a fundraising brainchild of Habitat for Humanity, was created in response to the availability of construction material that was going to waste in local communities. By salvaging these materials from people who no longer need them, ReStore saves space in landfills and gives the community affordable building materials to rebuild and restore our community. Profits from the South Kansas City branch are allocated to our very own Habitat for Humanity Kansas City where they are used to give low income families respectable and affordable homes to own.


Those excited to help were Brad Miller from our Interactive department, Bridget Hardek from Account Service, Bryan Durham with our wonderful IT team and Ella Brunworth and Kellen Doody participating from Operations. The group started off the day by assembling chandeliers, a task which proved that Gragg employees are NOT meant to be electricians, and putting away building materials. However, the highlight of the afternoon for many was getting to break down materials with various tools including a dangerous looking ax and an elongated crowbar which could easily have taken out an eye, as discovered by both Brad and Bryan. (Note: no eyes were lost while volunteering.) The best part of the day for all, though, was getting to hear first-hand how their time and effort was making a difference in the lives of those in our community.


The volunteer time put in by our team saved over $425.00 in labor costs and helped to prepare over $2000.00 worth of materials at the store. As Hayley Rees, Volunteer Manager, put it, “It was a big help and we hope the Gragg team will come and volunteer with us again!”