Greg Haflich joins Gragg Advertising as Executive Vice President

With a career that spans over 30 years in marketing and advertising, Greg Haflich has joined Gragg Advertising as executive vice president. After leading the Sonic account at Barkley for nearly seven years, he moved to the client side to serve as Sonic’s Vice President of Marketing and Brand Management in Oklahoma City. Most recently working with Applebee’s Services Inc, Haflich has experience managing local, regional and national brands from both the client and agency side.

“I’m looking forward to bringing my broader agency and client experience to the management team at Gragg. I believe this is an agency that’s at a tipping point. We have a clear point of difference. A clear area of expertise,” said Haflich. “With the proprietary marketing technology we are developing, I feel the sky is the limit.”

Gragg Advertising continues to grow its creative and brand management services, offering complete marketing campaign development to a series of new clients. Haflich will lead the development of new campaigns and brand development working with a team of designers, copywriters, social media professionals and media buyers on local and national campaigns. Continuing to offer the high level of customer service Gragg Advertising is known for, Haflich will also work to build on the successful campaigns of current clients.

“Greg brings a lot of brand management experience to our agency,” said Darryl Mattox, President, Gragg Advertising. “As we move forward, his skills and knowledge will help lead Gragg Advertising in an exciting direction as we grow our creative services and campaign management teams.”

Haflich is a graduate of the University of Kansas with a Bachelor’s degree in Journalism.  His career includes work with numerous brands including Kansas City Royals, PF Chang’s, Rent-A-Center, Chrysler, Children’s Mercy Hospital, Pizza Hut and KFC.

“I’ve worked on some great campaigns and some world class brands,” said Haflich. “Great work speaks for itself with results. That’s what Gragg is all about.”