What Does it Take to be a Great Admissions Rep?

Admissions Representatives are often a prospective student’s first contact with your school, meaning what they say and do can make all the difference in turning a lead into a start. A good Admissions Representative know how to present a school in the best possible way in order to make sure that every potential start feels like it’s the best fit and enrolls. But, sometimes Admissions Representatives can go wrong. Leads can get left out in the cold. Calls can get missed. The next thing you know your phone stops ringing and suddenly your schedule is wide up thanks to a lack of appointments. It’s happening at colleges across the country right now.

If this sounds all too familiar, Gragg Advertising can help.

How confident are you in the abilities of your Admissions Reps?

Being an Admissions Representative can be as rewarding as it is challenging. It takes equal parts motivation and natural talent for Admissions Representatives to do their jobs well. Passion for helping people find the right school is something that sets many Admissions Representatives apart from the rest. The proper training in communication, sales, conversion and management are essential to insuring that your reps are generating new starts for your school.

So, what’s the key to admissions training?

Gragg works with Admission teams across the country to provide on-going training for lead management and conversion. We customize training on a campus-by-campus basis, helping our clients convert leads into starts. We also provide free monthly webinars for the entire career school sector to assist in creating successful admission and marketing campaigns.

That’s right – free tips and training via webinars each month. All you need to do is tune in. We’ll even answer your specific questions live. Follow us on Twitter (@GoWithGragg) and send us a response with your questions.

Gragg’s philosophy: “Education and communication is essential to any successful partnership.” We do our best to exchange valuable knowledge with our clients and invite them to share their successes with us as well.

Register for our August webinar, Today’s Admissions Representative, by visiting our website.