Advertising: A Horse of a Different Color

With no intention of tying this blog posting to the Kansas/the Wizard of Oz connection between the ad industry and the imaginary Land of Oz, the reasoning lent itself to me quite easily.  After taking some time to think about my beginnings in Kansas City’s marketing/advertising community, I stumbled upon a few recollections.

Graduating college seems like a true feat within itself. Your parents’ smiles proudly shine upon you and you think those late nights of cramming study material, staring at the computer and muddling through those 50 slide presentations are long gone. How silly of you to be so naive!

You quickly learn that creating PowerPoints at rapid speed and reduced amounts of sleep are the norm here too. Good morning Dorothy, you’re not in Kansas anymore. Welcome to Oz, the world of marketing and advertising (and kudos to you if you know the difference between the two at this point). Hopefully you joined an organization that had a lollypop gang awaiting your arrival, ready to fill your head with processes, client presentations, to do lists and miles of Excel documents to sort. Although it may be overwhelming at first, hold strong – you have more opportunity to learn now than any other point in your career. And don’t worry, you’ll be rewarded with a cold beverage at the end of the day. Perk of this industry, there is booze.

Clients will come, clients will go. You’ll soon see that the most difficult account will turn into the Wizard of your Oz, allowing you to learn what customer service and client relations are really about. Don’t look behind the curtain, because they may not really know what they are doing.  But they will run your world.

As you travel down your career path of The Yellow Brick Road, you’ll meet various characters along the way that help you reach your goals.  That account director that kicks your Excel skills to the curb and forces you to relearn the program. That fellow coordinator (and yes, we’ve all been a coordinator at one point) that becomes an instant friend and appreciates the work in the trenches with you.

Alas, as a newbie, I am still traveling down my Yellow Brick Road, seeking as much advice as I can along the way.  I feel assured, though, that at some point in time I will wake up in a world not so violently colorful, and settle into a career that I can quite honestly rock at.  Keeping the friends made along the way and continuing along the path can only lead to better things.

This blog posting has been guest written by our very own Annie Thompson.