Rising Stars at Gragg Advertising

The upcoming Rising Stars luncheon hosted by the Kansas City Direct Marketing Association called us to take a moment and think about who the rising stars are at our company, and who deserves a little extra recognition.  Something that can often be overlooked as everyone hustles to meet deadlines and wow clients. So who should attend this Rising Stars luncheon? Our managers? Nah, they’ve already risen. Our newest employees? Possibly, but it might be too early to determine.   An obvious answer seemed to be our 2011 Employees of the Month, as they have clearly demonstrated their irreplaceable value at Gragg Advertising. So, we decided we should take a moment and thank these employees -

Madison Turner, Interactive Designer

Fred Frantz, Account Service Manger

Gayla Huber, Account Service Manager

Amy McIntosh, Media Buyer

Abby Huff, Compliance Coordinator

Adam Fisk, PPL Analyst

Jason Keeler, Account Service Account Executive

Katie Ellias, Interactive Designer

Lauren Henson, Marketing Brand Specialist

Dylan Harrelson, Creative Producer

There are outstanding things we could say about each and every one of the people on this list! For example, Madison never forgets the bigger picture, never lets demanding clients stop him from working towards the best solution – something that is often hard to do! Or Fred’s unmatched stoicism, in a department that can often be very stressful, Fred never lets it get the best of him. We appreciate each and every one of these employees, as well as the rest of our Gragg employees and we invite you to take a moment and thank the rising stars in your company!